crumbyoldman (crumbyoldman) wrote,

It's not that I miss him or anything

But why is it that he's still with her? It's been two years since they got together. After fucking up every single girl's life that he came across, he leaves us all for yet another girl he cheated with...and he's still with her? Why is that? She's way too young for him and I never thought her to be much his style. Does he cheat on her, too? I'm just really fucking curious as to why he had to fuck up a whole slew of girls (who were pretty nice before they ever met him) and then suddenly seem to change his ways for this one. And he doesn't seem to have ruined her life yet. It just makes me wonder: what made her so fucking special? And why did he have to go through us just to get to her? She's a little girl. Wtf. Through all the chaos, cheating, broken hearts, rumors, retalliation, and everything else he did, he probably just found a little girl who didn't mind getting messed with. I'm just pissed that after all the scars, and after all the grief and anger and frustration I had to go through, the end result is a little girl with freckles that dyes her hair and listens to My Chemical Romance and has no curves whatsoever.

End rant.
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